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Small Batch Roaster - Roasting Daily
What does this mean?  Roasting in small batches means we can meticulously control the roasting process.  Roasting daily means we can roast-to-order, providing the freshest and highest quality coffee to you.
We roast our beans daily at our facility located on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz.  Our Roastmaster and Owner have 30 years combined experience creating unique and wonderful single origin and blend coffees.  We are a small batch roaster which means we can meticulously control the roasting process, which provides the highest quality bean to you.  We have spent years perfecting the art of using our experience, senses, intuition and knowledge to make adjustments and take the coffee where it needs to go.

The green beans go through a metamorphosis in the hands of our roasters who guide them through a constant evaluation of colors, aromas, sounds, and shapes while tumbling through our steel drum roaster. 

Our coffee is sold to cafes all around the San Francisco Bay Area and we ship nationwide to coffee connoisseurs who appreciate an amazing cup of coffee.

We use Organic and Fair Trade beans, and Bird-Friendly beans whenever possible.  This is a way of saying thank you to the planet and the workers that produce it.  You can check out the links section of this site for more information on Fair Trade and Bird Friendly farmers.
Single Origin
Coffee beans by region or place of origin.
Blend of single origin beans, and various roasting temperatures.
Decaf is a blend of single origin beans roasted for no caffeine. 
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Coffee Regions -- coffees are classified according to the regions or the place of origin.  The tastes and aroma of these java blends are majorly dependent on the country from which they come from:
  • Arabia & Africa:  These are some of the most distinct coffees you will ever taste.  Includes coffees from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.  Grown at the perfect altitude in rich black soil, and foggy evenings with hot days produce a coffee of legendary stature.
  • The Americas:  These coffees are grown on some of the most beautiful mountains ever witnessed.  With virtually rainforest conditions these coffees are grown in an almost perfect atmosphere bearing the most aromatic and well balanced coffees of all time.  Includes coffees from Columbia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.  Coffees of the Americas represent what you will find in many of our blends.
  • The Pacific:  The almost magical climate with some of the best coffee growers in the world, produces coffees that will embed themselves into your taste buds forever.  Includes coffees from Sumatra, New Guinea, and Sulawesi.
  • Exotics:  Includes Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain and Certified Hawaiian Kona.
Bean Fun Facts
A great roaster pays detailed attention to the entire process of sorting, roasting method, cooling and packaging of the end product.