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Small Batch Roaster - Roasting Daily
What does this mean?  Roasting in small batches means we can meticulously control the roasting process.  Roasting daily means we can roast-to-order, providing the freshest and highest quality coffee to you.
About Java Junction Coffee Roasting
Java Junction Coffee Roasting is family-owned and operated in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.  Java Junction has been a staple of coffee lovers in Santa Cruz for 20 years and continues to improve itself to better serve the needs of coffee lovers everywhere.

The first store was envisioned by the Spadafora family, the current owners.  The goal was to provide an excellent cup of high quality coffee.  The flagship store is located on Seabright Avenue, right next to the Santa Cruz County Pacific Railway which is how we incorporated the word "Junction" in our name and using a train in our logo.  Seven years later the River Street store was opened, and in 2015 our third store at the Santa Cruz Harbor Beach.

In addition to the store front locations, we also have the wholesale coffee roasting side of the business.  We offer a wide variety of specialty organic and fair trade coffee beans.  Please visit the Roasting section of this website for the description of our beans we roast.
About Organic and Fair Trade
Organic coffee is one of the choices if you are searching for high quality and the best coffee blends.  It is a favorite among coffee aficionados because of its high-end and awesome taste and aroma.  Coffee lovers who are health conscious at the same time find organic coffee choice the most remarkable one.  As its name implies, organic java is basically grown and nurtured without the use of artificial fertilizers.  Farmers of sustainable coffee likewise do not rely on synthetic and chemical pesticides for their organic trees.  This all-natural process is the secret why health buffs who love coffee widely and highly prefer this type of coffee.

In learning more about organic java, it helps to know and understand other interrelated entities such as Fair Trade.  This is one of the systems observed in the selling of organic java.  The main objected of this trade is to protect small organic farmers or growers making their products reach the market and made with competitive prices.  The trade is regulated so that small time coffee farmers are not taken advantage especially by big and established corporations or coffee manufacturers.

Fair Trade coffee is definitely a remarkable choice for coffee addicts and health buffs.  If you have an additional advocacy for the safety of the environment, this type of coffee is the perfect choice.  The environment in which the coffees are grown and cultivated all use sustainable resources including organic fertilizers and pesticides which are 100% safe for nature and your health.