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Small Batch Roaster - Roasting Daily
What does this mean?  Roasting in small batches means we can meticulously control the roasting process.  Roasting daily means we can roast-to-order, providing the freshest and highest quality coffee to you.
Organic French Roast
A Dark Roast - but not too dark.  Full of chocolaty richness, subtle smoky flavor.
Organic French Roast 
Organic Espresso
Single Origin Coffees
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
How To Order Our Coffees
Email your request via our "Contact Us" page.  Include the Item and Qty.  If you have a preferred roast degree, include that as well.
All orders are roasted-to-order, so your order will be fresh roasted within 3- 5 days of receipt of order.  Providing the freshest coffee to you.  Listed below is our suggested roast degree for each type of bean.

All US orders are immediately shipped out once ready via USPS Priority Mail.  International orders are shipped via UPS Ground.

Our Coffees        Roast Degrees are our suggested, of course you can change this and 
                                      roast to your preferred. See Degrees Of Roast guide below.
Dark decaf is bold yet balanced, with creamy malted chocolate and a bittersweet finish.
This roast is brought to a degree somewhat darker then the traditional American norm to dark brown.  Acidity diminishes and a rich bitter-sweetness emerges.
Light Roast:  Nutty, sweet, well-balanced. It can be wonderfully deep and complex.
Medium Roast:  Rich, nutty, excellent balance of brightness, big, bold body.
Costa Rican
Light  Roast:  Full body, clean, robust, subtle citrus finish.
Ultra-Light  Roast:  Explosively bright and juicy. Honey, tangerine, black current, hints of flowers and spice.
Light  Roast:  Bright and complex with sweet, creamy layers of baked apple, malted chocolate and tart cherry.
Ultra-Light  Roast:  Fresh full body, stimulating aroma, mild finish.
Medium Roast:  Perfectly balanced with smooth, dark chocolate flavor, mild spice and a bittersweet finish.
Light-Medium Roast:  Lemon, floral and fresh honey highlight the smooth and creamy mouthfeel, and roasted almond.
Light Roast:  Flavorful, sweet , floral with sparkly white grape, a soft mouthfeel and prolonged cocoa finish.
Degrees of Roast
The lighter the roast the more characteristics of the bean are apparent, also the more caffeine.  The darker the roast the more smoky coffee, and less caffeine.  Yes, the lighter roasts has more caffeine.
  Light - Light to medium brown bean, little to no visible oils.
  Medium - A full medium brown, with visible oils. 
​  Dark - Dark brown with full shiny oily surface.
Blend of Coffees
Light & Dark Roasts:  One of our long standing favorites among our customers, a great morning pick-me-up.